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66 Ways To Make Money Online

There are lots of different ways to make money online. Some are easy and you’ll get paid quickly. Some are hard but the payoff is much larger. Whatever option you prefer we have it covered. Below you’ll find our monster list of 66 ways to make money online.
In this post we’ll show you how to make money online. There are so many different ways that you’ll definitely find one that works for you. There are some quick ideas to make extra money online. While other ideas could let you work online full time.
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66 Ways To Make Money Online…

Swagbucks is a site that pays you to do the things you’re already doing online.  They let you make easy money online. Swagbucks gives you points for searching, purchases, surveys, playing games, watching videos. These points can be traded in for gift cards.
Gift cards from all major retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target etc. You can also trade in your gift cards for PayPal cash which can  then be used anywhere.
Earning Swagbucks is easy. You can earn $1,000+ per year. It’s definitely one of the best ways to make money online. They’ll even give you $5 for free when you sign up.

2Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards is a rewards program from Microsoft. They reward users for using their Bing search engine plus with a few other things (but mostly its just search related rewards). The best way to use Bing Rewards is to download the search bar and install it on your browser.
Bing rewards pays out ~$0.01 per bing credit. Credits can be exchanges for gift cards. The nice thing about Bing Rewards is that its owned by Microsoft so you know you’re going to get paid.
They also have a great referral program. You’ll get 500 points for any friends or family you refer to Bing Rewards. You can have up to 5 accounts per household… but only 1 per individual.
The Bing Rewards program is a good way to make money online for free. There is no cost to join the program. It’s backed by Microsoft. Plus you get paid for doing something you do already, searching the web.

Mechanical Turk is a site owned and operated by Amazon. This brings a lot of credibility to the site so there are less concerns about scammers on mturk. With Mechanical Turk you make REAL money online by completing “hits” (no points). “Hits” are small jobs or tasks. These hits are submitted by people or companies. Its good to read the reviews for a requester before attempting a hit. To see reviews you need a browser add on called turkopticon. This add on will help you review the following:
  • communicativity (“comm”): How responsive has this requester been to communications or concerns you have raised?
  • generosity (“pay”): How well has this requester paid for the amount of time their HITs take?
  • fairness (“fair”): How fair has this requester been in approving or rejecting your work?
  • promptness (“fast”): How promptly has this requester approved your work and paid?
In general you should only accept hits that come from requesters with good reviews. You don’t want to have requesters rejecting your work. You also don’t want to accept hits from requesters that pay less than ~$0.10/minute.
Because there is a wide range of hits available on mTurk people often join forums that share/review available hits. This will help you earn the maximum amount from mTurk. It’s possible earn $6-$10/hr on mTurk once you’ve been doing it for a while and get into the groove. Doing it 1-2hrs a day will earn you $75-$100 a week. So it’s a decent way to make some extra cash.

Analyzing web pages is the bread and butter of Clickworker. Most jobs pay between $0.01 and $0.15. This may not seem like a lot but they are very quick to complete. With some work you should be able to complete enough jobs to earn anywhere from $5 – $20 an hour. Average usually runs around $10 when there is enough jobs. Not a bad way to earn money online.
Interested in learning more about Clickworker? Check out our review.
Or become a Clickworker now. Fill out your Clickworker Profile. Make sure to select English as a native language for both written and verbal. Next, click on “Assessments”, you will need to take the following tests. Do them all and take your time. Scoring poorly on the tests will eliminate you from many jobs.
  • Placement Test – English
  • Qualify for Address Project
  • Qualifications for UHRS I
  • Qualifications for UHRS II

GiftHulk is very similar to Swagbucks. If you join one you probably don’t need to join the other. GiftHulk will reward you for doing things like searching, watching video’s, playing games and taking surveys. Doing this will earn you HulkCoins which can then be traded in for some great gift cards.
One of the cool things about GiftHulk is that you can trade in your Hulk Coins for Bitcoins!
But if you just want regular gift cards then you can exchange 1 HulkCoin for $0.001 in gift cards. So 10,000 HulkCoins will get you a $10 gift card to Amazon, Walmart or even $10 in Paypal Cash.
The “guess the card” game is highly recommended as a quick way to earn HC’s.

This site is an interesting one, its not like Bing, Swagbucks, GiftHulk or InstaGC. In fact its a pretty unique way to make money online. On Slice The Pie you review music. You listen to all sorts of music, usually new stuff. You listen for at least 1 min and 30 seconds and then write a short review. My understanding is that the review gets sent back to the artist. Depending on the quality of the review you can get paid up to $0.25.
Slice The Pie is a fun way to listen to new music and make a little money too. Just don’t go too quickly. They have a unique “energy bar” that depletes as you submit reviews. Submit reviews too quickly and your energy bar will deplete entirely and you’ll have to wait a bit before doing more reviews. This is their attempt to get users to take their time and submit quality reviews.

InstaGC is the “home of instant gift cards”. Similar Swagbucks and GiftHulk they’ll reward you for doing stuff online. Searching the web, watching videos, buying stuff online are all easy ways to get points.
Points can be converted into gift cards at a rate of 100 points per $1.
Listening to music is an easy way to earn points on InstaGC. You can earn 3 points every 30mins. Open the InstaGC radio in a separate browser window to avoid closing it by accident. Also make sure the enter the Captcha every 30mins to claim your points. Just put it on mute if you don’t want to listen
Visting websites is another interesting way to earn points with InstaGC. You only need to visit the recommended site for 5 seconds to get rewarded. The list is refreshed each day and some websites can be visited multiple times.

Perk TV is an app that pays you to watch videos. Of course you don’t really have to watch them, you can just set your device to play video’s continuously while you’re doing something else. Perk TV rewards users with points for each video they watch. Points vary by country but in the US its 2 points per video.
Points can be converted into gift cards to places like Amazon. A $5 amazon gift card is 1,000 points so each point is worth about $0.001. Video’s can be played on multiple devices on the same account so just setup all your devices to play during the night to earn cash while you sleep  Just be warned. You’ll get a “Are you still watching?” popup every 3-6 hours.
Some people even buy cheap Android phones for under $50 and setup what’s called a “Perk Farm”. Each device will earn about $1-$2 per day so its easy to get a few devices going and earn ~$200/month.

Postloop is another interesting way to make money online. Postloop will pay you to make intelligent and grammatically correct comments on blogs and forums. These forums and blogs are looking for users and activity. They’ll pay Postloop and its users to come visit their sites and join the conversation. The only catch is that you must post high quality comments. But for anyone with English as a first language this should be easy.
Before you can get paid for posting on blogs/forums you have to get approved by Postloop itself. They rate users from 1-5. Users with a rating below 4 will have a hard time. To get rated you need to submit 10 posts to the Postloop forum itself. After you submit 10 well written posts that are free from spelling and grammatical errors you’ll get reviewed and assigned a rating.
Once you’re rated its easy to earn points. Points are awarded for making posts on various sites. Once you have a few posts on a site that site owner will review your posts and rate them. These should be your best posts to give you the best chance of getting approved. Then you just keep commenting and earning points. Each point is worth $0.05. Payouts are available through Paypal.

Qmee is an app that shows you extra search results when you use Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or Bing. These extra search results show up next to your regular results.
The extra Qmee results have cash values attached to them. If you click on a Qmee result rather than your regular search result then you get that cash value. The value you get ranges from a few cents to up to a buck.
Qmee will show you relevant search results. Their advertisers expect that any clicks are legitimate interest in their ad so quick clicks usually won’t be paid. If you’re interested in an ad then expect to get paid only after staying on the page for a while.
Apps like Qmee are how to make money online fast. There is no cost to you. You just need to download the app and start earning.

Inbox Dollars is quite similar to other online rewards sites. You get paid to do things like surveys, play games, shop online, and use their search tool.
Inbox Dollars gives a pretty generous amount for online shopping. For example any Walmart purchases get 3% back in rewards points. Another example is The Gap which pays 2% of all online purchases.
The site also has a large amount of coupons available under their ‘deals’ section. These coupons are pretty valuable and would be worth joining just for them.

With CashCrate you get paid to test products. You can also do surveys, shop online and refer friends to earn more money. Testing products is the main way to earn money on Cash Crate. These offers are available for all kinds of products and services.
Some offers require a credit card and a trial purchase. For the most part these purchases are for a trial period and you should make sure to cancel any subscriptions before the trial period is over.
CashCrate’s referral program is pretty good. You get 20% of whatever your referrals earn. Plus you get 10% of whatever your referrals referrals earn. This second layer of referral earnings is somewhat unique to Cash Crate.

13Start A Blog
Blogging has been my main source of online income for the last year. I think its one of the best ways to earn money online. In total I’ve made just under $17,000 in the last year. If you think blogging might be for you then check out my start a blog page for more info.
To make money online you need to have a niche site. Blogging in a niche will make it easier to become an authority and rank with Google. Choosing the right niche is important. Choose one large enough to have a good readership but small enough to make ranking easier. Ranking within Googles top ten search ranking will drive thousands of readers to your site.
It’s possible to grow a blog organically without Googles search traffic but it’s much more difficult. Learning search engine optimization tactics is the only way to create a successful blog.
Sign up with HostGator, BlueHost or GoDaddy and get hosting for as low as $3.96/month. (This site is hosted with BlueHost and it was incredibly easy to setup)

14Survey Sites
Survey sites provide the opportunity to trade your opinions for cash. There are a number of survey sites out there. In my experience there are more scam sites than real sites. There are tons of “make money online” scams out there. Any site paying $45/survey is clearly a scam site. But others aren’t so obvious, so watch out.
Real sites pay a few dollars per survey. Some market research companies pay $10-$20 per survey but only do this 1-2 per year.
When signing up to do surveys there are a couple of things you should NEVER do. Never pay to join a survey site. Never expect to get rich doing surveys (and don’t believe sites that claim that you will get rich, its a sure sign of a scam).
There are also a couple of things you should ALWAYS do. Always check reviews to make sure you’re not signing up with a scam site. Also setup a dedicated email address just for surveys (you’ll probably get a lot of spam). Lastly, always withdrawal money as soon as possible.

15Freelance Writer
Freelance writers get paid anywhere from $20-$50+ per article. Usually the rate increases with experience and reputation. If you have a knack for writing then this might be a fun way to make money online. Check out the ProBlogger job board for potential freelance writing gigs.
There are lots of people making money online freelance writing. It’s a good way to earn extra money online since there is no set time commitment. Blogs and websites are always looking for new/fresh content. This means there is always a demand for well written articles on a variety of topics. Choose a niche to focus on. Ideally one that fits well with your current interests.

Fiverr is a huge online marketplace where you can buy and sell services or small tasks. The cost for a job starts at just $5 although through “add-ons” for extra services the cost of a job can increase.
The site is used by freelancers across the globe to sell their services. Buyers are people and/or businesses who need short-term expertise.
Typical services on Fiverr.com include copywriting, translation, graphic design, advertising, music, audio, vocals, video, animation, programming and online marketing.

One of the first ways to make money online eBay has evolved over the years. Now anything can be bought and sold on eBay. There are plenty of people making a living online just through reselling wholesale items on eBay.
One interesting option is to buy items wholesale direct from the manufacturer. This decreases the cost per unit and can be resold for a profit on eBay. Use sites like Alibaba.com to find items to buy and resell.

Etsy is an amazing place to sell your crafts online. Thousands of buyers and sellers use the site daily. Focus on high value items that are small and easily shipped. Anything unique that requires customization can be sold at a higher price. Otherwise any easy crafts are quickly copied and this drives the price down.
For some inspiration the best sellers on Etsy last year were… unique baby clothes, custom embroidery, knitting patterns, custom mugs, bohemian scarves/head bands, graphic t-shirts etc.

19Virtual Assistant
There are lots of virtual assistant jobs available on sites like oDesk or eLance. Rates vary between $5-$40/hr depending on your skills and experience. To find a virtual assistant job just sign up with a virtual assistant provider like oDesk or eLance.
Make sure you have a complete profile including picture. Also take some of the available proficiency tests to prove you have the correct skills.
Building up a strong reputation will also help you get more gigs. This might mean you have to take on a few lower paying jobs to get started.

Adsense is Googles ad networks and it drives the majority of revenue for Google. There are millions of advertisers so the ads are always very tailored. This helps improve the click through rate on Adsense ads. It also fits more naturally on blogs and websites because the ad is closely related to the content.
You don’t necessarily need a website to display Adsense ads. There are forums and Q&A websites that will allow you to put up your own Adsense ads. This can be risky because Google has strict terms of service and will ban your Adsense account for even the smallest infraction. This risk can be reduced on your own site because you’re in 100% control. But on someone else’s site you have less control.

Media.net is the ad network from Yahoo/Bing. It carries a decent amount of weight but doesn’t compare to Googles Adsense. If you’re having trouble qualifying for Adsense or get banned from Adsense then this is a good alternative.
This ad network is fairly large and is getting better now that it’s partnered with Yahoo/Bing. The quality and quantity of the ads is lower than with Adsense but there is still a good selection. This does however have a small impact on the click through rate between Media.net and Adsense so your earnings might be lower.

22Affiliate Sales
Affiliates are people who sell and advertise products on behalf of others. There are millions of  affiliate programs out there. The largest affiliate program is probably Amazon Affiliates.
Having a website isn’t necessary to make money from affiliate sales. It’s possible to drop affiliate links all over the web in comment and forums.
It’s possible to make hundreds or even thousands a month in passive income from these links. Things like “Top 10” lists are perfect ways to drop Amazon Affiliate links. Create a list of your top 10-100 favorite xxxx and drop that in your favorite forum.

23Sponsored Posts
There are a number of different ways to make money off a website and sponsored posts is one of them. If you have a website then advertisers will pay you between $50-$200+ to write posts about their products or services.
Companies benefit in two different ways. One way is that they get exposure to your website readers. This is a good form of advertising, especially when it’s a product that you use already and are willing to endorse.
The second benefit is that companies usually get a few links back to their site. This helps improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Better SEO means better ranking in Googles search results.
Even small websites can benefit from sponsored posts. Of course they’re not for everyone. Because they’re just advertising some website owners refuse to take sponsored posts for fear of ‘selling out’.

24Run An Ad Network
An ad network is run by someone who connects advertisers to websites. Usually an ad network consists of a group of websites who are looking for advertisers. This network is run by an individual or company who seeks out new advertisers for the group.
The person who runs the ad network will get a percentage of the ad revenue, anywhere from 5-30%. Websites who are part of the network will get access to high quality advertisers. Advertisers who work with the network will get natural exposure/reviews for their product or service.
Starting an ad network can be tricky because its difficult to attract new advertisers without a few high quality sites. It’s also difficult to attract high quality sites without some good advertisers.
If you already have connections with large advertisers or with quality websites then this could be a great way to make money online.

25Flip Websites
Buying and selling websites is big business. Even a small website can earn a few thousand a month in advertising dollars. By hiring freelance writers to produce content there can actually be very little work to do. This makes owning a website very interesting.
People will buy and sell websites online. Sites can sell for any number of reasons. Usually their owners have grown tired of the upkeep and want to try something new. Sites usually sell for 1-3x their annual earnings so its possible to make your money back in a year. If you’re good at monetizing sites then this time can be reduced even further.
Check out a site called Flippa if you’re interested in buying a website. They help facilitate sales between old and new owners. Or start a new website of your own.

26Buy/Sell Domains
Having a perfect domain is important and so businesses are willing to pay quite a bit of money to have the perfect domain name. There are still lots of opportunities out there to buy/sell domain names. The key is to see trends and capitalize on them.
Buying a domain can cost as little as a few dollars per year. Selling a good domain name can fetch hundreds or thousands of dollars. So finding a good domain ahead of everyone else can turn into a very profitable exercise.
Use a site like NameJet to buy expired domains that could still have high value but weren’t renewed by their original owners.

27Blog Commenter
Did you know that a lot of comments left on blogs are being made by a third party? Sometimes sites will hire individuals or companies to leave comments on other sites. This gives them exposure for their brand. It also gives them a link back to their site. This link and brand exposure are valuable and some sites will pay to get more comments out there.
Being a blog commenter usually pays anywhere from $0.50-$2 per comment. The better your writing and the more sincere your comments the better your pay will be.

Writing and selling eBooks has created a self publishing revolution. The barrier to entry is minimal. Any aspiring writer can write a short story or novel and put it up for sale online.
Sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo allow anyone to sell their eBook for a small commission.
Certain niches are easier to get into. Believe it or not but there are plenty of amateurs making money writing short romance novels online. These short stories could be in a specific niche like erotica, historical, paranormal, time-travel or LGBT. Other amateur writers can be found writing science fiction, mystery or thrillers too. Stories are usually priced in the $2.99 to $9.99 range with ~60% going back to the writer.
Needless to say it could be a interesting way to make money online

iTunes provides a number of opportunities to make money online. Through iTunes you can sell music, sell videos, create a podcast and sell apps.
Within these categories there is lots of room for creative people to make money online. Things like apps don’t necessarily need to be complex. Podcasts can be about any topic.
iTunes has made it easy for artists, graphic designers, app developers and more to make money online.

Through YouTube you can enable Adsense ads on your videos. Every time you get a view you’ll be pulling in some income. There are thousands of informative channels out there.
High production quality isn’t required. People are making videos using their smartphones and posting them online. Even basic video editing software is inexpensive these days.
Channels range from comedy to DIY to unboxing videos. There is a huge demand for quality instructional videos. Product reviews. Restaurant reviews and more.

31Drop Ship Sales
Drop shipping is when a website sends customers orders directly to a supplier who then ships the actual product to the customer. These websites don’t hold any inventory themselves. This makes it very cheap to start a drop shipping website.
Almost any product can be drop shipped but there are a few areas that are more common. Things like clothing, accessories, electronics and beauty products are all easily drop shipped.
Becoming a drop shipper is as easy as setting up a website using an e-commerce template and finding a good product to sell.

A reseller will buy products from a manufacturer to resell themselves. Unlike a drop shipper this requires actual investment in inventory. On the positive side there are way more product options for resellers because many companies don’t want to deal with drop shipping.
Using sites like Alibaba.com you can order directly from the manufacturer and get wholesale pricing. This requires large orders of 100’s or even 1000’s of units.
You can find nearly anything for sale on Alibaba.com. Manufacturers in China, Thailand, India list their products for sale on the site.
Then you can resell those items with a markup on your own site or on places like eBay.

33Selling Tweets or Instagram Posts
Yes, you can get paid for tweets! If you have a large following or a following in a particular niche then you could sell your tweets or Instragram posts for anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per tweet. At 140 characters a pop this is probably the quickest way to make money online.
Selling tweets is easy to do. There are sites that allow you to put your tweets up for sale. Various advertisers will be able to see your following and any niche related info.
It is also possible to contact advertisers directly. If you tweet about a certain niche like computers, video games, makeup, fashion etc there are companies that would be willing to pay you or give you samples in exchange for some positive publicity.

34Social Media Influencer
Making money is just one benefit to being a social media influencer. These people also will get invited to exclusive events, parties and product launches. They will be asked to review new products and tell their followers what they think.
Those with a high Klout score are able to be called a social media influencer. Klout score is a number between 1-100. The higher your Klout score the more impact you have on social media. Impact is measured by the number of followers as well as the level of interaction. If you can get people talking about your posts then you’ve got a chance to be a social media influencer.

35Reddit Influencer
For those who don’t know Reddit it’s a content aggregating website where users submit content and can vote it up or down. Because of its massive size anything on Reddit that gets voted up to the front page will receive thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hits per hour.
This is a marketing departments dream. As a result marketing firms and ad agencies will actually provide samples, freebies or even money to Reddit users who are able to get their content to the front page.
If you spend even a little time on Reddit you’ll notice that certain users are able to consistently get content voted up highly. This ability to get content seen by millions of users is worth a lot to various companies who want their brand or product to get massive visibility.

36Social Marketing Consultant
There is an art to marketing on social media. Many businesses don’t understand the intricacies of the different social media networks. What works well on Facebook might go unnoticed on Twitter (or worse, it could get a negative reaction).
Being able to navigate the social media networks in a way that allows businesses to engage with their customers is a very valuable skills. It’s a skill that many businesses are looking for.
They might not need a full time social media consultant but they may be interested in some help from time to time.

37Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant
A SEO consultant focuses on one thing and one thing only, getting sites to rank well in a search engines results for a particular keyword. Being ranked #1-10 on Googles search results can generate a lot of “organic traffic”. This is highly valued by businesses because its natural and not paid for.
Being ranked #1 on Googles search results can drive so much organic traffic that businesses will pay handsomely for advice on how to rank better.
SEO consultants need to know quite a lot. They need to know what Google looks for in a good site and this is always changing. They also need to know how to build quality links to a site. Getting poor quality links can actually have the opposite effect, sending a business way down in the rankings.

38Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant
A SEM consultant advises businesses on how to maximize their search engine advertising dollars. Business spend billions a year on search engine marketing. Those “paid” search results cost quite a bit of money in some cases. SEM’s will help a business maximize the money paid for these advertisements.
One key metric that SEMs are interested in is the click through rate (CTR) for ads. Having a high CTR is important because there are usually a few advertisements competing with each other. Getting more clicks means less clicks for a competitor.
A SEM will also look at how much it costs to get a business lead (CPL) or how much it costs to get a customer to do a particular actions (CPA). They also track the return on investment (ROI) for ad campaigns so

39Online Marketing Consultant
Being an online marketing consultant usually involves a few aspects already mentioned above like SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing but it also includes things like doing keyword research, articles submissions, link building and blog mentions.
This role is more a “jack of all trades” type role where a company may hire you to advise them on all aspects of online marketing. It’s an up and coming field with quite a bit of demand. At the same time there aren’t any qualifications required so the barrier to entry is quite low.

40Custom Website Developer
These days developing simple websites is pretty easy to do. There are themes and templates everywhere. But if you want something a little more custom. Or have very specific requirements. Then a website developer is the only way to go.
Developers have the enviably ability to make money from anywhere. Developers can make money online because their work doesn’t require them to be in direct contact with their clients. Phone, email, skype are all tools a web developer can use to stay in touch.
The best part is that learning how to become a web developer is free or almost free. There are resources online that will teach you everything you need to know. There is CodeAcademy and TreeHouse.

41Building Websites
In the age of the internet its important for every business to have an online presence. At a minimum this means a functional webpage. But most business owners don’t have the knowledge or even the time to setup a website for their small business.
Building websites for small businesses can be quite easy. There are templates available that do 90% of the work for you. An experienced website builder can get a site up and running in just a few hours. For this they can charge anywhere from $500-$2,500+.
The cool thing about building websites is that it can be entirely location independent. Last year I met a guy traveling through Asia who was working at the same time. He would build WordPress websites for small businesses. Most of his business came through word of mouth so he was able to do his job entirely remotely. Pretty cool if you ask me!

42Graphic Designer
Graphic designers have the perfect skills set to make money online. Their final product is digital and it can be easily shipped all over the world. Clients don’t need to meet a graphic designer face-to-face. Most work is done through email and maybe phone.
There are all sorts of ways to make money online for graphic designers. There is custom work like business logo’s, brochures, marketing materials, app icons etc. There are also standard products that people buy multiples of like computer backgrounds, graphic T’s, cartoons etc.
Becoming a graphic designer online doesn’t necessarily require any credentials (although it would obviously help) but it does require skill and a portfolio of work. Make sure to setup a website with samples of your best projects to showcase your skills to potential clients.

Many businesses are leaning on music as a way to reinforce their brand/product and connect with customers. Getting new and original music is a cost effective option for many businesses. Sometimes they need an intro for online videos. Or they need a custom sound track for a promotional vid.
Businesses are also looking for professional voice overs and intro’s too so anyone with a good voice plus the right tools can get into making money online too.
Starting on places like Fiverr.com is a good way to get into the business. But setting up your own site and contacting clients directly will lead to higher paying gigs.

Videos are everywhere. They’re on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. They’re a great way to engage potential customers. To showcase new products. To support and develop a new brand.
Product testimonials can turn potential sales into real purchases.
Quick commercials can be shown in flash ads around the web to attract new customers.
Videos are so compelling that many businesses will pay top dollar for videographers to help them produce top quality videos. They need help with intros, editing, animation, 3D effects, stop motion etc.

45Idea Creator
Ideas are difficult to come by. Some people are naturally ‘idea’ people. They can take a set of existing ideas/concepts and use that to jump off in many different directions. These people come up with a new product ideas, business ideas, marketing plans, book titles, new brand names, ad slogans etc.
Go to places like Fiverr and you’ll find a ton of people who’s only service is to come up with new ideas. All they do is brainstorm new ideas for people. For $5 they will come up with 3-10 ideas based on any instructions you give them.
If you’re a natural ‘idea’ person this might be a great way for you to make money online.

46Tagline Creator
There is a certain art to creating the perfect tagline. This short snippet of words can have a huge impact on sales. But coming up with that perfect tagline can take a lot of time. To speed up the progress you can hire a tagline creator to help provide some professional ideas.
Usually a tagline creator will need to understand your business. They’ll need access to your website, promotional material, business plan or similar information. From this they’ll create 3-5 tagline for a small fee.

47Business Plans
Any new business needs a business plan. But this isn’t the only time that a business needs a plan. Whenever a business enters into a new area where they don’t have much expertise they usually require a well thought out plan. Hiring an expert can make this much easier.
Along with the basic business plan there are also unique business plans such as…. mobile business plan, social media business plan, online business plan, project planning, grant applications, marketing or advertising plans, financial plan etc etc
Depending on the size and complexity these plans cost between $5 and $500+.

Consider yourself a good artist? Then you could make some easy money online. There are a number of different ways for artists to earn some money online. Places like Etsy let artists sell their unique creations online. Or sites like Fiverr let artists sell their services to others. Or if you prefer you can freelance.
Whatever method you choose to sell your skill you’ll find that there is a large customer base willing to purchase your product online.

49Selling Photos
These days it’s incredibly easy to take professional quality pictures. Armatures with a keen eye can take stunning shots with basic SLRs.
There is a large demand for pictures thanks to millions of websites and commercial products being created each day. These pictures can go for $1-$20 each depending on the license.
Photos that sell well are usually very different from your normal vacation photos. They require deliberate planning. There are whole niches of photos. Focusing on a niche will make it easier to gain a regular base of clientele.

Podcasts are an interesting way to make money online. There is a huge potential for popular or niche podcasts to find advertisers. Small niche podcasts about photography, PC gaming, personal finance etc all can generate some decent income through advertising and affiliate sales.
The key is to start a Podcast for something your passionate about. Something you want to share with others. Running a podcast is a lot of work. Ideally you publish new shows on a regular schedule, like daily, weekly or monthly. You need to create new show idea’s, write content, invite guest speakers and then record.
If you have a passion that you’re interested in sharing then a podcast might be an interesting way to make money online.

51Virtual Courses
The internet has created an entirely new line of virtual products. Virtual courses are just one of those new products. This area is so new that it’s not even clearly defined yet. There is a lot of opportunity for smart/talented individuals to share their skill with others.
Virtual courses can take a number of forms. It could be a series of eBooks. Or there could be some webinar component where students meet online to learn/discuss. There are even virtual courses that are delivered through mobile apps.
Creating and selling a virtual course isn’t easy. Most often they’re offered in conjunction with an established and well known site and/or person. If you consider yourself an authority in your area then this could be one way for you to earn money online.

52Virtual Coaching/Mentorship
Thanks to technology like web cameras and FaceTime there is now an opportunity for virtual coaching and mentorship. Just like regular coaching a virtual coach will support the training, education or mentorship of an individual. The only difference is that this is done entirely online.
Virtual coaching can be done for any existing coaching program like life coaching, business coaching, career coaching etc. But I have noticed that some bloggers have begun to offer their own virtual coaching for things like SEO, freelance writing or just blogging in general.
These bloggers have taken their skills and monetized them through this virtual coaching program. They offer their trainee’s a certain number of coaching sessions for a set price. This can also be offered in conjunction with a virtual course or ebook.

53Membership Site/Premium Content
Making money off a website doesn’t have to be done through advertising or affiliate sales. One interesting way to monetize a website is by offering a membership and/or premium content.
This idea lends itself well to consultants or experts. They can offer a certain amount of their basic content for free. But their intermediate or advanced content would require a fee.
This can also be done with services/tools. Sites like moz.com offer free tools that any blogger can use to evaluate their site or the sites of competitors. Moz also offers premium tools that require a monthly fee to access.
Membership sites usually provide a certain amount of content for free. But they earn money online by charging a fee for their premium content.

54Online Poker
A slightly risky way to make money online. This method isn’t recommended. But for a few uniquely talented individuals online poker is a huge opportunity to make money online.
Poker players can play in cash games, heads up matches, mini-tournaments and large scale tournaments. Games range from Texas Hold’em to Omaha to Stud. There are limit games and no-limit games.
Playing poker professionally requires a lot of practice and patience. It’s not something we’d recommend but it is a way to make money online.

55Currency Trading/Speculation
Currency trading is a high risk way to bet on the direction of currencies. Currency traders can work from home using online trading platforms to execute trades. These people usually trade on margin. This means that most of their ‘investments’ only require 2-5% of the actual trade in cash. The rest of the money is supplied by the brokerage.
This is a very high risk way to make money online. Because of the high leverage is easy to wipe out your entire investment with one wrong move. Current trading is best left to the professionals who have access to teams of people and tons of research. But for those who don’t mind a bit of risk it is one way to make money online.

56Day Trading
Day trading is another high risk way to make money online. Day traders usually use charting patterns to help guide their trades. They believe certain patterns are predictable and this helps them make very short term bets on the direction of stock prices.
Trading platforms can be run entirely online. Day traders can work from anywhere with a decent internet connection. This is one way to make money online that requires some investment in programs, computers and software to execute hundreds, thousands or even millions of trades per day. It also requires direct connections to exchange data to ensure prices are the most recent.
This is not a way to make money online that we would suggest to most people.

57Sell Your Gaming Account
There is a huge online marketplace for gaming accounts, hold/coins, levelling and guides. Users sell to other users through sites like PlayerAuctions. They can auction off their virtual treasure for cold hard cash. Sites allow users to auction off entire accounts or just gaming gold/coins. Some of the easiest things to sell are WoW gold & Runescape gold.
Sellers will get paid within 2-3 business days. Power sellers will get paid in less than a day.
You can sell entire accounts or just some gold/coins. If you’re willing to sell some WoW gold you could make $20 for 20k gold. Or if you’re willing to sell your entire account you could make anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. The most expensive account currently up for auction is worth just under $20,000!

Skillshare.com is a new way to learn. Students who join Skillshare can learn from thousands of video’s and tutorials on a variety of subjects all for just $9.95/month. Video’s are anywhere from 30min to 2hr in length. Some of the top video’s have been viewed almost 30,000 times.
The really cool thing about skill share is that anyone can become a teacher. Shillshare will help teachers create new courses. They provide feedback and milestones to help create really engaging courses.
In exchange for this hard work the teachers on Skillshare get half of the membership revenue shared with them. This is a great way to make money online and share your experience with others.

TextBroker makes it easy to be a freelance writer. Rather than look for gigs and worry about payment TextBroker takes care of this. They make it very easy to earn money writing articles online.
After signing up you’ll be asked to complete a writing sample. This sample will get rated from 1 to 5. The higher the ranking the more you can get paid. A rank of 2/5 stars means you only get paid 0.7 cents per word. So for a 1,000 word article thats only $7. But a rank of 5/5 stars means you get 5 cents per word. So for that same 1,000 word article you’re getting $50.
There are a number of different ways to find gigs on TextBroker. There are open orders, direct orders and team orders.
The other benefit of making money online through TextBroker is that you get access to lots of advice and feedback. They even have a ‘university’ with online tutorials to help improve your writing.

60Field Agent
FieldAgent is a downloadable app that combines traditional surveys and data collection with crowdsourcing. They employ thousands of ‘agents’ that do small tasks for businesses. These tasks include checking if products are available on a store shelf, checking to see if a promotional display has been put up, checking prices in-store, mystery shopping and more.
Businesses that use FieldAgent include some of the largest companies on the planet. They usually pay a few dollars per task. The field agent app helps notify you when a company has a task in your area.
FieldAgent pays in real money, so there aren’t points or gift cards to deal with. Money gets sent directly to PayPal when you want to cash out.

Gigwalk is another mobile crowdsourcing program that lets individual find small tasks to do in their immediate area. Gigwalk is an app that is available both on iPhone and Android devices. The app shows you where to find “gigs” in your local area. These gigs can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours and can pay anywhere from $3 to $100 each.
Once you find a gig in your area you can click on “apply to this gig”. Once approved you’ll get detailed instructions on how to complete the gig. After submission the gig requester will review your work and after they approve you’ll get paid. Payment can be sent to a PayPal account.
Gigs are submitted by some of the largest companies in the country. They want to know how their brand or product is being displayed in the store, whether the price is right, or if their marketing execution is being done properly and on-time.

Lionbridge is a company that provides crowdsourcing to other companies. They employ an army of ‘crowdworkers’ that they use for a variety of tasks. Joining Lionbridge as a crowdworker means that you’ll have access to flexible hours, the ability to work from home, competitive rates and year-round opportunities.
Right now they’re looking for a variety of new crowdworkers. They have jobs posted for social media assessors, internet assessors, and online internet relevance judge (reviewing search results and judging their quality).
They have jobs available all over the world. With many jobs available in Europe at the moment.

BzzAgent is a ‘word of mouth’ marketing company. What does that mean? It means they provide their users with free samples of products to test. These samples are provided by companies looking for reviews, user experience and some social buzz. They want you to share your experience with the people you know.
When you join you’ll be asked to fill out some information. BzzAgent will invite you to join campaigns based on who you are, what your interests are, where you live, and what your BzzScore is. Your BzzScore is based on how influential you are in the social media world.
BzzAgent doesn’t pay, so you won’t necessarily be making money online, but you will be getting all sorts of free products to review, which in itself is worth money.

With UserTesting.com you get paid to test things. They’ll pay you $10 for each review that you do. Reviews are typically for things like websites and apps. They’re looking for real user feedback about the design, the usability, content etc.
UserTesting will pay $10 per review. Reviews typically take about 20 minutes. You’ll be provided with a set of instructions to do the review. The review is recorded via your web camera where you’ll speak about your experience as you go through the instructions.
UserTesting.com pays directly to PayPal 7 days after the review has been completed. You won’t make a ton of money on the site, there are many reviewers and sometimes not enough reviews to go around. But it is a good way to make a bit of extra cash online.

Online tutoring has become huge business. There are many sites that connect students with teachers. These sites usually cater to specific areas like language tutoring. One of the largest language tutors online is italki. They connect almost 1.5M students with language tutors.
Becoming an online tutor has many benefits. You can work from home. Make money online. Set your own hours. Meet interesting people.
Tutoring is typically done through services like Skype or some other VOIP service. Students could be from all over the world. Starting with a site like italki is an easy way to enter the online tutoring world. But doing freelance tutoring on your own will let you earn more money online.

66Translation Service
If you can speak two or more languages then being a translator could be one way to make money online. The world has gotten smaller. More businesses are selling their products/services across international boarders. There is a strong need for translators to help these businesses reach new markets.
Translation services are routinely posted on sites like eLance and oDesk. The hourly rate for services like this can range from $10-$35/hr. Specialities like medical translation or legal translation can earn even higher rates. Check it out if you’re interested in doing some translation.

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