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What is Logo Design

A logo is a graphical element in the form of ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign that is collectively form a trademark or commercial brand. Usually a logo design is meant for immediate recognition. The logo feature of a company commercial brand, or economic or academic entity, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are different from others in a similar market. Logos are also used for recognizing organizations and other non-commercial entities.
A logo is a part of a corporate identity. The main purpose of a logo is to provide unique representation of the organization in the global market. A well-designed logo expresses the vision, values and directions of the business. Creating a logo as a corporate identity involves a lot of hard work and thinking. Logo is the graphical conceptualization of company’s thought. So it is necessary to be precise and specific while developing logo.
While designing logo following aspects should be taken into consideration
A thriving logo never loses its uniqueness from the minds of the customers. An attractive logo sticks the eyes of the potential clients and leaves lasting impact of company. The images, shapes, typefaces and colors display the image of your organization. Logo is the most valuable brand identity and tactically important part of the branding program.
Logo must be single, simple visual image so that customer can relate it with your company. Complicated logos are difficult to differentiate visually from distance or when printed in a small size. So, it is advised to keep logo simple in shape.
It is the best way to develop logo having few colours. A two-colored logo is considered as an ideal in logo. The colour combination of logo should be in such a manner that even it is printed in black and white gives clear vision of logo. Since then the logo of a company is being used in various forms and in different medium.
Omit the tagline:
Company’s tagline should not be included in your logo. The reason behind this is that logo will often be printed in small size and the tagline will become unreadable.
Always Use Vector Graphics
Always design logo in a vector graphics. The advantage of vector graphics is that logo can be resized without any loss of details and image quality. Logo can be resize as per requirement. In addition, vector graphics take lesser memory capacity in computer.
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